Does Diatomaceous Earth Really Work In Your Battle Against Roaches?

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diomateceous earthDiatomaceous earth. Just how effective is this particular substance against roaches? Many pest control specialists won’t tell you what type of products they use for clearing out the cockroaches in your home. This is because regardless of what brand of products or specific solutions they use, it almost always falls to this particular substance: Diatomaceous earth (DE for short). DE-based products are actually safe because they’re not a poisonous substance, at least not to humans.

To fight roaches, some people also resort to using soapy water sprays. We’ve tested it ourselves quite extensively and found this to be extremely ineffective however. In the best scenario, we only managed to slow down the cockroaches before they scurry off into whatever holes they came out from. Soapy water does nothing to kill them.

There are also those traditional methods of preventing cockroaches from infesting your homes. First of all, you’ll want to eliminate any food sources that are lying around. For instance, storing most of your food in containers that are sealed tight would be a good start. Ideally, for food that have an expiration date, keep them in the fridge. Roaches are known to favor food that is about to start rotting. This makes the rubbish bin in your home the ideal target for roaches. Obviously, any bins that you’re using should have a cover on. It’ll also be wise to clear any stacks of rubbish or mess that are lying about, even those outdoors. Do this on a daily basis so that roaches won’t even come close to your home.