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Welcome to Advanced Pest Solutions ('APS')

Advanced Pest Solutions Ltd. ('APS') focuses on the development and implementation of high-technology solutions to pest and disease problems associated with humans, animals and crops.

We work with an extensive range of insect pests and plant pathogens, providing:

  • research facilities and services for specific technical problems
  • consultancy, diagnostic services and advice
  • total project management

Please visit our services page to find out more

 NEW: APS leads Scottish Executive study into midge-transmitted bluetongue virus. Read more..  We are also applying our midge-management skills to the disease threat, including the supply of approved surveillance traps

We are currently looking for a new team member for our bluetongue project: read more...


We work closely with our clients to understand their needs and expectations: please contact us to discuss your particular needs

We also run an active research programme concerning the discovery of novel technologies and management tools for the pest- and plant-disease control industry: please visit our technologies page to find out more.

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